spitzer and wife

Another day, another detail in the sordid sexting scandal involving New York State Representative Anthony Weiner.  Weiner, whose crotch always seems ready for its close-up, and his wife, Huma Abedin, are apparently expecting their first child and she’s reportedly told friends that she’s committed to the marriage and plans to stick it out. I think I can hear Tammy Wynette tuning up now!

Do you remember a few years back when New York governor Eliot Spitzer got caught in a prostitution scandal? I happened to be in Washington DC emceeing an event for Komen For The Cure the day Spitzer ‘fessed up, his dutiful wife, Silda at his side. I was in the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s office with Komen founder Nancy Brinker and a well-known political wife, who shall remain nameless. The three of us stared intently at the TV as we waited for then First Lady Laura Bush to arrive when the unnamed political wife uttered something that seemed more likely to come from a biker in a dive bar rather than someone in a boucle suit and pearls. “If (my husband) ever did that to me, the only way I’d be standing there beside him is if I was holding a knife to his back.” Of course I howled at the thought and my uncomfortable titter busted up a bit of the tension. But you know something? Beneath her smile, she was dead serious.

How much would you stand for and still stand by your spouse? I think it depends on the variables. In the case of Eliot Spitzer and his wife, they’d raised a family and been married many years; with Weiner and his wife, though still newlyweds, the pregnancy might be a game changer. In my case, what would I do? Hmm, good question.

I’ve been married a long time and when you’ve put that much into something; a marriage, a home, a job, you’re committed. If Buff publicly humiliated me with a sex scandal or something equally unseemly, I can say with a fair degree of certainty, I’d probably stick it out. We have kids, a financial future, a life that we’ve built together. I’d be pissed as hell and might even move into another bedroom, but in the end, I’d stay.

That’s what I would do, how about you? How much of a public scandal could you take before you called it quits? And what would it take to push you over the edge?

Let’s debate, fire away!