delta airlines

Delta’s Disgrace: 
34 Soldiers, $3,000 and One Heck Of A PR Disaster!

Work on your acceptance speech, Delta airlines, because you have been awarded the second annual Good Enough Mother, “I Call Bullsh*t” award.

You should be so proud Delta and you’re in good company.

You folks at home may be wondering what Delta did to deserve such a prestigious honor. Here’s the answer – the airline saw fit to charge 34 soldiers returning from active duty in Afghanistan nearly three thousand dollars in extra baggage fees. Oh yes! Active duty. Putting their lives on the line. Away from home and family. Defending our freedom abroad.  Nice. Really nice. Stay classy, Delta.

Look, I understand the intricacies of flying. I know pilots have to be sensitive to weight and balance issues in order to keep that big bird in the air and trust me, for this I am grateful. But you know what really chaps my butt? Having to pay for practically everything that is not nailed down inside the cabin.  But holy heck, it’s workin’ for Delta, who made nearly four billion dollars on baggage fees and other costs last year! Yeah that sounds obscene to me too.

Maybe I’m bitter because more than a few of my dollars are in that total. It’s my own damn fault; I have yet to master the art of turning one dress, two silk scarves and a pair of pumps into 17 outfits, suitable for both day and night. Because of that, I have a tendency to over pack. And you know what? I deserve to get dinged by those stupid charges. But HELLO? I’m willing to stake my name and reputation on the fact that none of these soldiers had a little black dress in their duffle.

Delta, bloodied and raw from the public flogging they’ve received after the boneheaded move, is now back peddling faster than Anthony Weiner with a fully-charged smart phone. They trotted out the wife of an Army reservist to issue a mea culpa. Then in a sweeping and magnanimous gesture, have allowed returning sliders an EXTRA bag free of charge, bringing the total now to four for those military members in coach and business and five for those traveling first class.

Dear Delta, have you SEEN what we pay our military? I grew up in a military family. We could barely made ends meet and that was more than 30 years ago. Trust me, there will be few shelling out the extra bucks for a leather seat and all the drinks they desire.  And that’s the other part that pisses me off. Yes, these soldiers who survived IEDs only to get jacked up at the Delta ticket counter will, no doubt, get their money back when they get to their home base and find their travel voucher. But you think that’s gonna happen overnight? We’re talking about the government here. I somehow doubt it. 200 bucks is a lot of money to these families. Of course you’d have to peer over the stack of cash you made in extra fees to see that. I’ll bet you still wouldn’t get it.

Delta, you did an amazing job surviving bankruptcy and the recession only to shoot yourself in the foot over less than three thousand dollars.

But what about you guys? What do you think of this move by Delta? What can they do to make it right? Can they? Will you ever fly the airline again? And what do you think of airline charges in general – are we all being ripped off unfairly?