Hello everyone!

The time has come to announce the winner of our first ever, Good Enough Mother Caption Contest! You remember the rules – all you had to do was supply a funny comment to go with the photo above (yep, that’s me as a youngster, sat at the bar at a party)

For the record, it was NOT easy to pick a winner. There were so many good ones, I had to narrow down all the entries and then sleep on them before picking my first choice…

If you want to take a look at all the entries – you can see them all here. Thank you everyone for taking the time give it your best shot (or in some cases, two or three or 10!). I chose a first and second runner up and the big winner. So here they are.

Second runner up was KIM who said:

“I won’t have to worry about this going to my hips until my 30’s. Keep it coming!”

First runner up goes to M.E., whose caption read:

“You’re supposed to pour it in a glass first?”

And the winner of the $50.00 Amazon gift card is….

RENEE for her caption that read:

“These drinks are much better than the ones at the small table.”

Congrats Renee! (great name to by the way)

You get the gift card and M.E. and Kim both get an autographed copy of my book, Good Enough Mother, The Perfectly Imperfect Book Of Parenting. Thanks for playing along everyone. You guys proved to me something I already knew, which was that you’re all a bunch of smart (asses) people!

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your captions so much I’m gonna be scouting around for another picture to use for next month.

Thanks again everyone and remember to keep checking out the site every day.