Pole dancing for children

I’ll be the first to admit we – moms, dads, kids – all of us need more exercise.

I will also say such a routine should start early so as to lay the foundations for a lifetime of fitness. But THIS is not exactly the type of exercise I had in mind.

Check out the latest trend for exercising toddlers, highlighted by the UK’s Daily Mail.  The article is about 3 year old kids taking pole-dancing lessons. Wow. Seriously? I think my head just exploded!

With childhood obesity rates being what they are, it’s good that these tots are moving. It’s just bad that it happens to be up and down a greased pole. Remember that section in one of comedian Chris Rock’s routines where he said his primary duty, as a father, was to keep his daughter off the pole? This would be considered an epic fail.

I have so many questions about this story. How did the child’s parents first broach the subject with each other? How did they present it to the child? Did mom peer over a plate of chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs and say, “Honey, how would you like to work on reducing that little gut that hangs over your pull-up?” Come on, now!

Obviously the classes are meant to be funny but you know what is very troubling to me? This overt sexualization of young girls and it’s happening earlier and earlier – just look at Dakota Fanning for instance. As the mother of a near 15-year-old girl, trust me, it happens fast enough. So why the rush? What’s wrong with letting girls be little girls, growing up at their own pace? And what in the hell is wrong with these parents who think this kind of behavior is okay? In what world view is it okay to teach a three-year-old to grind up against a pole, ultimately so that men can stick bills in their britches? There are no words.

It’s pretty clear how I feel about this nonsense, what about you? Would you ever, in your life, allow your toddler to take a class like this? Can you think of any good reason for someone to offer it? Okay, you know what to do – start those comments coming!