As you all know, I’m the mother of two wonderful kids, who try my patience but also teach me everyday.

Casey is the shy, quiet, introverted one, who prides herself on having a few, very close friends. Cole, as I have said before, could be the mayor of our little town. He’s a social butterfly, if a 13-year-old boy can be such a thing.

Navigating this next phase of their young lives has proven to be especially tricky with the rise of social media. Initially, I insisted they “friend” me on Facebook; not so that I could be their friend (you know how I feel about that!) but so I could keep up with what they were doing, who they were hanging out with and take action based on the information I found.

All was cool, until my social butterfly son “un-friended” me, claiming, “You were commenting on my Wall. I can’t have that.” Heartbreak. But I could at least still SEE what was on his Wall and so I was okay with that. Until the day Cole banned me from the Wall too. Oh HELL no!

So it was with great interest I read about a bill in California that would allow parents unprecedented access to their kids’ Facebook pages. It would force maximum level privacy settings as the default status and allow parents to ask for any images and text they were unhappy with to be removed within 48 hours. Facebook officials are not happy, as there’s a hefty fine that goes along with non-compliance. But you know what? I LIKE it!

In a recent GEM Debate we asked if you would spy on your kids online and while I’m not a fan of that approach, I would have to say I have tweaked my opinion a bit, especially in light of the fact that my kids are older and the challenges presented now are different than they were even a few months ago.

One of our jobs as parents is to keep our kids safe and I’m all for doing that any way I can. Cole is moving headlong into the monosyllabic teen years and I can get very little info out of him – stuff I need to know. “Cole how’s everything at school?” “Fine.” “How’s things with Darryl?” “Fine.” “How’s Steve treating you?” “Fine.” And on and on it goes.

So yes, I like this bill and would support it! But what about you? Do you agree with this proposed Facebook Bill? Would you use it? Do you think it’s okay or even necessary, to spy on your kids? Fire away!