I’m not sure if you had a chance to watch the Saturday Night Live season finale a few nights ago but it was one of the record books.

I’ve been watching the show since I was in high school, sort of stopped watching for a while but then started up again when my son became a die-hard fan. Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday’s finale and Lady Gaga was the musical guest.  Surrounded by talented regulars like Kristen Wiig and Andy Sandberg, the two turned in some amazing performances, like this skit, called Liquorville.


Lady Gaga, say what you will about her but she does know how to push buttons. I first became aware of her when she started traveling the country with no pants on. Then came the giant hair bow made of, well, hair and on it went. But she’s also talented and I admire her for her chutzpah. Work hubby Richard (link: and I were talking about her over the weekend and Rich asked if I thought she was a good role model for girls. Hmm…

Okay, yes and no I suppose. I think Gaga has done some remarkable things; she’s worked her way up from playing small clubs in New York City to becoming an international superstar. I admire her for her stance on a lot of social issues but do I want my daughter to grow up to be just like her?

I’m not so sure. Gaga makes no bones about the fact that she lives hard, admitting once in an interview that she stays thin by drinking whiskey and smoking pot. And then there are those wild costumes, including those weird points on her shoulders and under her face that make her look alien-esque.

But it’s not like Gaga and her get ups were ever marketed toward little girls, like Miley Cyrus was. I think it was much more jarring for girls when Miley made her hard left turn, ditching the Hannah Montana wig and persona in favor of a decidedly more grown up act.

But at the end of the day, should either of these young women be role models for our young women? I don’t mind my kids listening to their music, in fact a lot of times it’s a conversation starter. But if there’s anyone who’s going to be a role model for my daughter, it’s me. Gaga and Miley are performers, paid for their antics on stage and to a degree off as well. I on the other hand, am teaching Casey skills that will last a lifetime.  There is no manager, entourage or million-dollar check. Yet.

That may come somewhere down the line at which point I hope my teaching will have sunk in and my kids will know how to handle it.

Okay so let’s debate. What do you think, is Gaga good for girls? Why or why not? Do your kids look to you as their role model? If not you, who and how does that make you feel? Let ‘er rip!