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Special Event: Father’s Day Gift Giving


Hey everyone, can you believe it’s nearly June already?

What do you think of when you think of this month? Weddings? The end of the school year? How about Father’s Day? Dear ol’ dad, he does so much for us, how about we do a little something for him?

This is my dad. He died 25 years ago at the age of 59. I miss him to this day, sad that he didn’t get a chance to see that the lessons he instilled in me, I used to become the woman I am today. I regret he didn’t get to know my family and that my kids never had a chance to meet him. But he left such an indelible mark in me that I married a man just like him, even down to his graying moustache and handle on mathematics.

When I was a kid, every Father’s Day was like the one before for dad; always a pair of black socks or cufflinks, maybe a striped tie and unfortunately the same goes for Buff. But not this year!

Remember that really cool event I went to a few weeks back hosted by the Accessories Council where we live tweeted, blogged and broadcast their top picks for Mother’s Day gifts?

Well, now the Council are doing the same thing for dads!

The Accessories Council, is a non profit group whose job is to generate interest in accessories.  These finishing touches so often make an outfit and it’s what the Accessories Council does best. They’ll no doubt have great gift ideas that you’ll want to be front and center for – so why don’t you join me for TONIGHT’s special Father’s Day event?

Don’t worry that you can’t be there in person; Good Enough Mother has your front row pass!  Follow me on Twitter OR on my Facebook page starting at 6:30 EST, as my fingers will be flying across the keyboard, reporting on all the fabulous gift ideas for the men in your life.

So let’s take make this Father’s Day even more special for the guys who do so much for us – hope to see you later!

Ciao for now!

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