Rene Syler & Kids - Mother's Day

Hi GEMs!

I actually hope you’re not checking in here today and are instead doing whatever the heck you want to do on your special day. But in the event you are I thought this might be a fun thing to do. Mother’s Day comes but once a year and we all hope it will be a magical day – but of course it doesn’t always go to plan!

So here’s a fun question I wanted to pose:

What’s the BEST gift you ever received for Mother’s Day and what was the WORST?

I’m not exactly sure what this says about me but honestly I cannot think of a gift that falls in the worst column, though last year would have to be one of the worst Mother’s Day’s on record. I didn’t get a gift that year either, which frankly wouldn’t have made a difference; the day was ruined anyway.

In terms of best gift, well that would be hard to pinpoint too. More than anything, I love the crafts my kids made in school when they were young. Almost all of the artwork they did in grade school is framed and displayed around the house.

But one year I got these really cool earrings from Buff. Buying jewelry is a tricky thing, unless, of course, it’s a failsafe, 8-carat diamond ring. The reason is it’s personal and you want it to be a reflection of you and that’s what made these earrings so special. Buff found them in a little boutique, I can’t even remember where. But they were so unique and different that I fell in love with them right away because they looked like something I would buy myself. It was important enough for him to pay attention and to get to know my likes and dislikes and to find something that truly reflected me.

That was a great gift and I think about him when I wear them. I don’t get a present every Mother’s Day and I’m truly okay with that; I’d rather a once every couple years, really special, thoughtful gift anyway. Besides, the real gift is people under this roof who provide all the love, noise, stress, hugs, dirt, fights, drama and butterfly kisses truly making this house a home. I love them. I really do.

Okay your turn. What’s the BEST Mother’s Day gift you ever got? What’s the worst – is there one? And what message do you have for the members of your family on your special day?