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Bridesmaids: 5 Things I Learned From This Summer’s Hot Comedy


I LOVED the movie The Hangover. I love raunchy, ribald humor; throw in Las Vegas and copious amounts of alcohol well you have a winner in my mind.

So when I heard people call the new movie Bridesmaids, “the female version of The Hangover”, well, I knew I was going to have to plunk down my $11.50 and conserve enough calories so I could splurge on a small tub of popcorn.

I had seen the clips and heard early reviews from friends about how hilarious it was and with Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph of Saturday Night Live fame, how could it not be? So no one was more surprised than me when, in the middle of the movie, I started to CRY!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s funny as all get out and I’m definitely going to have to see it again to hear all the parts I missed from laughing so hard. But it was poignant too and I so related to what Kristen’s character, Annie, was going through. So without giving anything away, here are the five things I learned from the movie BRIDESMAIDS:

CHANGE IS SCARY: The movie is about the friendship between two women that is about to undergo radical change as one of them is getting married. We’ve all been there haven’t we? Things are great between you and your girlfriend until she starts to date a guy, then gets very serious and then, GASP, gets married!

No longer are you free to drink Cosmos at the corner bar until closing time, eyeing the bartender’s cute butt and slobbering about how much you love each other. Nope, one of you is about to become responsible and that’s gonna suck because it’s unchartered territory. Throughout the monumental change I have seen in my own life over the past four and a half years, I can tell you, while necessary, very little of it was fun and a lot of it was white knuckled, straight up terrifying.  And that loss of equilibrium is hard to process at times.


YOU HAVE TO HELP YOURSELF: Annie drives a crappy car with busted taillights and inevitably gets pulled over by a cute cop. Without me going into great detail, sparks eventually fly (hey, it’s a chick flick!). But later, she’s in an accident and the cute cop comes to the scene. Annie starts to offer up reasons for not getting the taillights fixed – her nemesis, her busy schedule, her life, etc – when the cop tells her to stop.  He points out that the accident was caused by one thing, her broken taillights. Wow. Ever been there? Hey, it’s a lot easier to blame everyone else for what’s going wrong in our life than it is to look in the mirror and dig down deep. It’s tough to accept that life isn’t fair and figure out how to reinvent; to shape the future we want, instead of letting it be done for us.

YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE: This was where the tears came in earnest for me. Everything has gone to hell for Annie; she has finally hit the proverbial bottom. That’s when Megan, one of the other bridesmaids comes by her house. Now Megan played by Melissa McCarthy is a piece of work. She’s the heaviest and toughest of the girls and starts to give Annie a talking to, pushing and pushing until Annie fights back. That’s when Megan tells Annie she has to fight for her life. What I got from that was it’s okay for life to take a bad bounce here or there, but you damn sure better get up and fight. Who knows; you might even be surprised by your own strength.

SOMETIMES THE “PERFECT” GIRLS AREN’T SO PERFECT: Annie’s nemesis is Helen. Rich, thin, good-looking, socially adept, beautiful-haired Helen. But guess what? Helen’s life is not all it’s cracked up to be because she’s spent most all of it trying to do everything perfectly. Now you KNOW how I feel about this! Life is a full–contact sport. You gotta get in there and get dirty. You have to experience it for all of it; the good, the bad, the heartache, the disappointment, the joy, the pain because it’s only then you are LIVING! If you go through life making calculated decisions because you’re afraid of making mistakes or of looking like a fool, or keeping the swings from being too extreme, well, that’s just surviving. After all, it’s the valleys in life that make the peaks recognizable. Remember that.


As you can see I got a lot out of the movie, maybe even more than the producers had hoped. But it underscored to me that the path isn’t the same for everyone and sometimes you’ve just got to hold on for one more day. (Heads up. This video also plays a role in the movie, LOL)


And if you haven’t seen Bridesmaids yet please rush out and see it now – it’s really THAT good and the perfect movie for us girls…

But what you? Have you been to see Bridesmaids yet? What did you think of it? And what did you take away from the film?


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