Throw money into the air

Hey everyone!

Thanks for reading and checking out Good Enough Mother every day – I just love hearing from you and watching our little community grow!

As you know we’re always on a mission to expand the GEM world so we figured it was high time that we started shooting some video for the site – to go alongside our postings and podcasts. Yep, you’re going to be able to see a lot more of me here at Good Enough Mother in the coming weeks and months…

With that in mind we’re launching a new strand here on the site called Wishful Thinking!

As you know we’re big believers in hopes and dreams, so in this feature we’re going to throw out a question on a ‘dream’ related topic, I’ll give you my take and then I want to hear your answers… simple, eh!

Check out our first question in the video below and start sending over your thoughts… cause remember you have to keep dreaming!