Hey GEM’s!

It’s Friday afternoon and I don’t know about you but I am wiped out!

But before the weekend arrives and we all get a chance to recharge it’s time for another Good Enough Mother Minute – a little morsel of food for thought for the days ahead…

Remember when you were young and you saw potential in everything? Even inanimate objects took on a life of their own. You may have wondered what frozen cranberry juice tasted like enough to pour some in a cup and freeze it. Dandelions carried your wishes and you didn’t bat an eye at the daunting task of a necklace made wholly of flowers.

But then something happened. We grew up and thinking outside the box became impractical; why should we spend time when someone else has already figured out the answers for us? Why experiment and play when everything we want is pre-packaged and served up on a plate?

But you know what – we really need to take time to exercise that creative muscle. For me, it begins and ends with the flea market – and last weekend I took some time to get creative again – and it was wonderful!

So take a listen to today’s Good Enough Mother Minute… and share your own stories below…