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The GEM Debate: Does Your Man Need To Put A Ring On It?


So I was watching the Today show this morning and as you know, they’re all atwitter over the pending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

NBC are committing a good deal of resources to the wedding which means no single, solitary detail will get by us. We are so lucky! But there was this little ditty that caught my ear as I was busy making Philly cheese-steak sandwiches for breakfast (hey, a “good breakfast” is any Casey and Cole will eat).

Turns out Prince William will not be wearing a wedding band after he says “I do”.

It’s really a matter of tradition. A spokesperson says it’s not uncommon for there to be just one ring in weddings that take place among royals or those in high society. And frankly, unless one is living under a rock, it’s not like the entire planet won’t know that Wills is married, thanks to exhaustive coverage by the aforementioned NBC news, rag mags or anyone else with a computer and a point of view. So given that, it’s safe to rule out opportunities for illicit behavior as a motivation in the prince’s decision.

But they’re royals, what about the rest of us? It wouldn’t bother me much now if Buff didn’t want to wear a wedding band; then again, we’ve been married a long time, I’m pretty sure I’d be okay with just about anything he does, short of illicit sex in a hotel room with someone other than me (of course if it was me, it wouldn’t be illicit now would it?). But early on in our marriage I would have wanted it. Maybe it’s because it’s an indication of our commitment to one another? Maybe because it would be like the world’s smallest handcuff and he could never escape? Oh heck, I’m not really sure.

So let’s debate. Should your spouse wear a wedding band? How would you feel if your soon-to-be mate said he/she didn’t want to wear one? Would you read something into the relationship as a result?

Okay, let’s hear it, fire away!




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