William and Kate


Kate and William… it’s the Royal Wedding everyone’s talking about…

Or are they?

Turns out there’s a report in the New York Post today that NBC, which had been planning epic (EPIC, do you hear me?) coverage of the wedding, is scaling back. According to the nameless source, the powers-that-be, fear the couple won’t bring the big ratings.

Hmm, I actually think there might be some truth to that theory – and here’s why…

THE COUPLE ARE KIND OF BORING: To my knowledge, Kate’s never been busted for underage drinking or photographed falling into a bush after a night of hard partying. And William, being heir to throne, was born into a life of expectation that only increased after the tragic death of his mother. Let’s face it, the public appetite for outrage has only increased since Prince Charles and Lady Di tied the knot all those years ago. Now, in order to get people to pay attention, we’re gonna need some royal to show their ass at the reception. It needn’t be a literal baring of the royal bum and it needn’t be a key player, maybe just the batshit uncle wheeled out for big events because of his propensity to come unglued when TV cameras are present. But we need, no expect, drama these days!

TECHNOLOGY HAS CHANGED: I asked my daughter the other day if she was going to watch something on TV. I can’t remember the details but it was a live event. She said and I quote, “Mom, I’ll just catch the highlights on YouTube.” Therein lies the issue. You cannot expect the microwave popcorn generation (or those of us a tiny bit older) to sit and listen to the parts of the ceremony that don’t interest them when they can zip through later at their convenience. Besides, they really only want to see the part when William drops the ring and read all the snarky comments posted afterward.

THEY’RE HARD TO RELATE TO: But the biggest of all is that I believe the bloom is off the monarchy rose. Real people with real problems like sickness and unemployment cannot relate to the Royal family. The majority of us will never know unimaginable wealth just as the Royals will never know what it’s like to wait in a dark parking lot for the early bird special at Kohl’s.  And while a few of them put the “fun” in dysfunction, it’s nothing like Thanksgiving at my house, or yours, I’m willing to bet.

I wish Kate and William all the best as they embark on their new life together, but for the above reasons, I personally won’t be watching when they say ‘I do’.

But what do you think? Are you excited for the Royal Wedding or already sick of the incessant coverage?

Do you think there’s less interest in this Royal Wedding – and if so, why?