Hi everyone – I’m back after a much-needed little break – and so glad to be writing again for Good Enough Mother.

So first of all – I must apologise for the many months of Royal Wedding build-up you have all endured up until this point.  Being a Brit, I just felt the need to say that!

I am not a royalist as such though neither do I harbor any anti-royalist feelings.  I am happy to have a royal family, as long as they are good ambassadors, do a heap of charity work and bring in the hordes of tourists. I love a very human story and there are plenty of those with the royal family. And I feel some kind of connection with the boys, William and Harry, as so many around the world do, having seen their mother go from ordinary girl to princess to mother and ultimately to legend.  The image of those boys following their mother’s coffin has always stuck with me and now I feel an enormous amount of pride at the idea that William is about to marry his sweetheart.  That is one very big reason I will be watching avidly tomorrow – God I love some romance – and relishing every detail and moment of the day.  So, although I apologise for the lunatic media and commercial circus of the past few months (most of which I have thankfully avoided living here in the middle east, a little like missing the Christmas circus too) I will not apologise for my open-armed and open-hearted embracing of the day and for enjoying it for all its worth. Perhaps the fact I have escaped Royal Wedding saturation allows me this greater pleasure in the event.

princess di wedding

As a 7 year old girl, I remember seeing Diana and Charles’ wedding, watching utterly captivated by the carriage, the dress, that 25 foot long train, and then of course the kiss. We viewed and shared it as a family and later in the evening, joined a party held in a field near our home, as families from the community celebrated into the night, gathered round a bonfire.  I still, like so many millions I’m sure, have my purple souvenir book, bookmarks, coins and stamps.  I know everybody has a story about that day and it will be the same for April 29th, even if that story is ‘I washed the car’ or ‘I did something else’ as will apparently be the case for my husband!

I however will be getting up, putting on something suitably celebratory (a floaty, floral frock with any luck), switching on the TV and settling down for a marathon viewing day. There may well be the odd mimosa involved (or Bucks Fizz as we call them) as well as scones with jam and cream and possibly cucumber sandwiches too. All the crazy clichés I will embrace in good humour served up with a helping of irony and a good dollop of camp.  Watching it will make me feel closer to my friends and family back home too, as these things have a way of uniting us, and I want my son to join me, even if just for the actual ceremony, so that he too can have a part in a positive, shared, collective memory.  He is 7 years old just as I was.  Will it matter to him?  Will he care? I hope so. He is still of the age where things like kings and castles are ignition for the imagination and because this is after all part of his heritage and future – these young people will be his King and Queen someday.  I don’t know if he will care about that, but still I think this is important for him to witness.

I suspect that my neighbor will join me as both our husbands find something better to do and later, once the iconic kiss on the balcony has happened, we’ll be heading to a party held by friends in honour of both the wedding and their recent move into a new house.  I know for sure their Union Jack bunting has already arrived from Ebay!


Now I know there will be those of you who don’t care for the event and who are positively anti-monarchy.  But I will be waving my flag along and enjoying the day for what it is to me: history in the making, a demonstration of love and commitment between two people who have always clearly been the very best of friends. It’s a display of pomp and ceremony, an opportunity for lightness, togetherness and celebration at a time when it feels like there’s little to celebrate, Plus it’s something magical we can all share with our children and a chance to witness a real red carpet. Not a carpet brimming with celebrities and paparazzi but one where a young woman will walk down an ‘ordinary’ girl and return a princess.  How much more magic do you need?  Oh, well there’s that and the small matter of one amazing frock.

And you know what, between you and me, I have a feeling my husband may well find himself a nice comfy spot of the couch next to me and our son at some point in the day.  I have a feeling the curiosity will get the better of him.

But what about you? What are your plans for April 29th? Are you excited for the big day? I’d love to hear your comments…


Nikki Newman, 36, from England, currently lives in Qatar, where she moved this year due to her husband’s work. A former teacher and proud mother of 7-year-old Oliver, she’s currently focusing on settling her family into their new lives, while also pursuing her passion for painting. To see Nikki’s work please go to: