One of the things I am totally digging about this new and latest incarnation of my life is all the cool people whose paths I have the good fortune to pass. Fun and interesting has always been my motto, and every one of the new friends I’m making has a story to tell. So with that, I would like to tell the story of Tracy Bickhaus, who has a rather entertaining story of her own.

Tracy is mother to Blake, a boy with an incredible imagination. Blake fancies himself something of a super-hero, fighting bad guys where he finds them. So Tracy thought turning Blake into a literary superhero would be a great way for not just her son but all kids to learn about ways to keep themselves safe and strong as they grow. The first book is out but there are several more in the offing.

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Please tell all the Good Enough Mothers out there about the Super Blake series…

The Super Blake series teaches children how to become heroes in everyday life by making good choices.  In his first adventure he battles tooth decay and takes on the Cavity Monster and his evil sidekicks, Ginger Vitis and Sir Plaque.

What was your inspiration for writing the books?

My son Blake inspired me to write this series of books.  He was always “fighting evil” everywhere he went and pretending to be a superhero.  I thought it would be great idea to show kids that anyone can become a superhero in their everyday life with the choices they make.

What was your background prior to starting this project?

I owned a retail business for 5 years and decided to sell it in order to pursue my passion for writing.  I have always enjoyed writing and would often write poems for friends and family and create original greeting cards.  I also write a blog about my daily observations of motherhood and life.

As a young mom starting your own business what are the major challenges you’ve faced along the way?

1)    Time Management: The biggest challenge that all moms face is TIME!  There is never enough of it.  I have a tendency to want to do it all and sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Time management can also be tricky, especially if you work out of your home.  I’m often squeezing in work-time between doctor’s appointments, soccer practice, laundry, running errands and cooking for the family.

2)    Prioritizing: I am a list maker.  I make lists every day.  Sometimes I even add things to the list just to cross them off and feel like I’ve accomplished SOMETHING.  I try to get tasks that are most complicated or require intense concentration completed while the kids are in school.

3)    Making time for myself and my family: With today’s technology we can always be “on” and knowing when to turn it off can be a challenge.  I have learned that my email will still be there even if I don’t check it every hour and Twitter will always be tweeting.  Checking Facebook, Twitter and Email randomly throughout the day can be a real time killer.  I reward myself with short breaks to increase productivity.

And what are the biggest lessons you’ve learned?

Knowing the value of what your business is offering is important for every business owner.  Know what your product or service is worth and don’t be afraid to price it accordingly!  With my online retail business I would often get people asking for discounts because I was a small business.  I used to feel like I needed to give deep discounts to get my name out there and grow my business.  Offering a good product or service and following it up with impeccable customer service will grow your business organically.  No discount required.

What are your ultimate ambitions for the books?

Before the first book was even illustrated I would go into bookstores and envision my Super Blake Books display with the series of books and line of products.  There are already 7 more books written and waiting to be published.  I would also like to have a line of products to go with the books.  Superhero capes are an obvious must have and an action figure would be the ultimate!  I have big dreams.  I would rather dream big and get half, then dream small and get it all!

Where can our GEM readers buy the book?

Currently you can find our book on our website, Facebook and If you purchase it on our Facebook page you receive 10% off!

And finally – tell all the Good Enough Mothers out there why they should go buy a copy of Super Blake now…

It was important to me for this series of books to engage, entertain and enable the young reader to learn something they could apply in their everyday life.  This first book shows children how to take care of their teeth and ultimately defeat the Cavity Monster and his evil sidekicks through brushing and flossing.  I was able to work with an award-winning illustrator who took my vision and made it a reality.  The illustrations are amazingly creative and colorful.  Buy a copy and see just how fun brushing your teeth can be!

Thanks Tracy – good luck!