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Breaking News: Good Enough Mother Partners With Discovery Fit and Health


Time for a little sharing (ha, like I haven’t made a career out of that on this site, right?)

I have something big to tell you and will in just a second but first I want to say thanks.

This has been a banner week for us at Good Enough Mother and there’s no question we got the big Mo’ (momentum, duh) workin’ for us and it feels terrific! Since teaming with the guys at Savannah Media, Good Enough Mother has seen exponential growth in traffic and new business is popping up every week.  I attribute that to two things. As you know we pride ourselves on producing compelling content. You know what I say, just because you’ve used your uterus doesn’t mean you don’t still use your brain! So we aim for thought-provoking stories told in a different, but wholly authentic way.

The other reason is you! I want to say thanks to those of you who come by the site, sometimes several times a day and take the time to read and add your two cents worth. We all learn and grow from each other. That’s another way of saying no one has all the answers, least of all me.  But that’s what makes this great; it is a collaborative effort and one I am enormously proud of.

Now, with that big sloppy kiss out of the way, let me tell you about another brick we’ve added in our budding GEMpire!

Good Enough Mother is teaming with the Discovery Fit and Health network.

Yep, I’ll be writing Guest Postings for their website, with my own little old page, called Second Acts after one of our most popular features here on the site. So go check out my first, all new piece now!

The Discovery Fit and Health site is another outlet for me to spread the word about imperfect parenting and how both mothers and kids can benefit from the Good Enough philosophy. I’ll be writing regular posts for them in my true, tell-it-like-it-is style. Plus we’re in talks for some other projects with the network – so this is just the beginning!

But not to worry, I won’t be slacking off here; I’ll still be holed up in the closet, churning out stories that challenge and inform. Of course, that may mean one more lost remote or another meal from a can, but if those kids eat it, who am I to argue?

So while I thank you for your support here at Good Enough Mother, I have more to ask. Please make sure you follow me on Twitter join the throngs who have already liked me on Facebook and while you’re spinning around the ‘net, check out my column at the Discovery site and leave comments about how great I am. Too much? Yeah I didn’t think so.

Love you all! YOU.ARE.THE.BEST!


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