So last night I came across a fascinating thread on online newsgathering site Reddit under the section Ask Me Anything, written by a poster who calls himself LucidEnding.

In reading the thread, this is what I could piece together; LucidEnding is 39 years old and battling lymphoma which has now spread. He is in constant pain and according to doctors there is no chance for recovery. He is not married and has no immediate family, only a nephew who gave him an iPad to communicate his last thoughts and feelings.

In 1997, Oregon passed the Death With Dignity Act, which allows terminally ill patients to end their lives with lethal doses of medication prescribed by a doctor. LucidEnding plans to do this Tuesday.

Take a read of some of the comments left by others on the site. Also click on Lucid’s name and read some of his responses. It truly is insightful and heartbreaking.

So I thought this would lead to a perfect GEM Debate for today.

Leaving the moral aspect out, would you WANT to know the exact date of your death – and how you would die?

Could you do what LucidEnding is planning and how would you spend your final hours?

It’s a thought provoking topic so let’s debate and as usual, please be respectful of other’s opinions.