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The GEM Debate: How Young Is Too Young For Botox?


The other day I mentioned to my daughter that it was THAT time again – time for me, with surgical precision, to gingerly pluck the few stray hairs around her eyes in an effort to keep her from looking like one of Frida Kahlo’s long lost cousins.

Performing this procedure is an ordeal that involves me holding her down, several stops and starts, ice for her eyebrows – and extra ice to chill the wine, which I will need in copious amounts when the deed is done.

But that is nothing compared to this story in the British tabloid, The Sun.

Kerry Campbell, a single mother is obsessed with making sure her daughter, eight-year-old Britney becomes a star. So every three months, the 34-year-old beautician injects Britney with Botox and fillers that she buys online in a bid to keep those pesky wrinkles at bay. Kerry also takes Britney for virgin waxes to keep her from getting pubic hair, a topic that was hotly debated right here on this site a while back. And as if that’s not enough, Kerry bizarrely brags that her daughter is one of the youngest in the world to be using Botox and fillers for cosmetic reasons. She’s gonna make that kid famous one way or another!

But let’s not debate whether what Kerry is doing is right; it’s pretty clear her elevator is stopping one floor short of the penthouse. I want to know from you what age you think is okay for Botox.

I’ve talked openly on Good Enough Mother about the fact that I use the stuff but here’s the difference between Britney and Good Enough Mother, I do it twice a year and I’m 48! I have earned a shot or two in the forehead and only recently started using it.  But there’s no question Botox is making its way into mainstream society; it’s no longer reserved for stars or wannabes. More and more people of regular means are looking at Botox as a way to keep looking their best for as long as they can.

Okay, so the question for debate is this.

At what age would you allow your daughter or son for that matter, to get Botox? Would you allow it in their late teens, their twenties, older or younger?

Okay let’s hear it, fire away!


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