sister wives

Not that we’re taking our cues from that strange place called Hollywood or anything, but there’s an interesting piece in today’s Daily Beast – all about the highly charged topic of open marriages.

The article lists a whole load of couples either confirmed or suspected, to be in open marriages, running down some well-known names (Tilda Swinton, Mo’Nique) as well as those dominating the headlines of late.

We’ve touched on this topic before here on Good Enough Mother in connection with Charlie Sheen and his “goddesses”, the popularity of shows like HBO’s Big Love (about a fictional polygamist family) and TLC’s Sister Wives (about a real one) – so is open marriage slowly becoming more acceptable?

Hmm, I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to weigh in with my opinion. Okay, could I be in an open marriage? I suppose I could; the question is would I want to be? Maybe it would be exciting, for a little while, but honestly, I have enough on my plate with just one man and two kids. Do I need to add another man? Oh the drama! Yeah, I’d say this lifestyle would be a no for me.

So here’s today’s GEM Debate…

If it were more widely accepted by the mainstream, COULD you be in an open marriage/relationship?  And what would your rules be?

Start weighing in everyone… this is gonna be good!