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The GEM Debate: Are High Priced Pre-Schools Worth The Money?

Only in New York!

A couple of days ago, the New York Daily News ran a story about a mom reportedly suing a 19K a year preschool for damaging her 4 year old’s Ivy League chances!

Can you imagine – instead of prepping her daughter for private school entrance exams, the school was teaching her boring basics like colors and shapes. They were also (gasp!) letting her sit around and play with kids of all ages instead of separating students based on age and skill level. The mother was furious and said her daughter was essentially playing with blocks in a very expensive playground. The angry mom pulled her daughter from the school and is suing to get her money back.

Every mom wants the best future for her child but does this mom honestly think what her 4 year old learns in preschool will determine where she goes to college?

My bigger question – should you spend the equivalent of a year in college on instruction for kids who are still learning to tie their shoes and wipe their noses?

What do you think GEMs? Are expensive pre-schools a waste of money?


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