TLC's 'Outrageous Kid Parties

As you may know I am only just now collecting my wits after driving four kids down to South Carolina for winter break, all by myself. And while they rode bikes to the beach and to get ice cream, it was pretty much a working vacation for me.

That included making a special appearance on CNN’s Headline News program, Prime News with Vinnie Politan. Normally, I would have recorded my segment from one of the local TV stations but they were all busy with their newscasts so, Good Enough Mother always at the ready was able to join via Skype. The topic was outrageous kid parties, based on a new TLC show called, what else, Outrageous Kid Parties!

So there I was from the sunroom in South Carolina, representing the voice of reason, common sense and budget and on the other end was Ramona Singer – one of the Real Housewives of New York.

It was such a short segment I didn’t even get a chance to go into the great Minute To Win It party I threw for Cole last year but I think I was able to express how completely ludicrous it is to give kids extravagant parties, especially when no one can afford it. Of course, if you are filthy stinkin’ rich and are lighting your cigarettes with hundred dollar bills, then by all means, go for it. In the meantime, the rest of us will mark the passing of another year with store bought cakes and games in the front yard, giving our kids the most important and increasingly rare, gift of all, common sense.

But take a look at the chat and tell us what you think of these outrageous kids parties? Would you ever throw one? Have you?