How about you try this one on for size. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says that two thirds of divorce attorneys cite Facebook as evidence in the bust up of marriages. You may recall the story of the New Jersey minister who called Facebook “a portal to infidelity” and told his church leaders to shut it down or resign their positions after a number of married people in his congregation hit relationship speed bumps. Of course he lost the moral high ground when it was later discovered he had a threesome with his wife and a male church assistant.

But that sordid tale aside, this raises an interesting question. Can Facebook cause divorce? That’s not exactly what the matrimonial lawyers are saying; they merely cite it as evidence in the proceedings. I suppose married people could meet their paramours in other social settings, friend one another on Facebook and go from there. But I’m sure there are also those who look up high school sweethearts or old flames, perhaps first out of curiosity that grows into something more.

But DAMMIT, How about a little personal responsibility here? I doubt that Facebook CAUSES divorce. Facebook may make it easier to find the old hunk or prom queen but you were the one who hit “confirm friendship.” Maybe you sent the direct message,  “Hey, I’ll be back to the old neighborhood for business. How about we meet for a drink and catch up?” You may have been the one who logged on to spend time with your cyber-romance instead of nurturing the one sitting across from the dinner table from you.  The point is the desire was present long before you ever logged on.(Of course I’m speaking in the collective sense).

That’s my take from the corner of the closet. What about you? Do you think Facebook can be blamed for the implosion of marriages? If so why and how can it be avoided?

Let’s hear it, let ‘er rip!