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Tom Hanks: Toddlers and Tiaras

Toddlers & Tiaras with Tom Hanks

Confession time; I have always loved Tom Hanks. I loved him in Big, I loved him in Philadelphia, heck, I even thought he was great in Bosom Buddies, remember that?

I loved him even more when I found out we went to the same college (at different times) in Sacramento, CA as myself. In an age and era of self-indulgent, self-important Hollywood stars Tom always struck me as the guy cool guy in the room, you know, the one who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Well Tom’s cool meter just jumped off the chart. Tom Hanks was on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night after the Oscars and he used his finely tuned sense of humor to poke fun at TLC’s Toddlers and Tiara’s show and you KNOW how we feel about that show here.

Take a peek. It’s a little on the long side but it’s funny, especially because we have seen some of this same outrageous behavior from some of the real moms living vicariously through their kids during these pageants. Yeah I said it.


I’m sure TLC wasn’t too thrilled to be the butt of the joke by a big, Hollywood star, but the fact is Hanks is hardly the only one to see the complete absurdity of this show and kiddie pageants in general.

But what do you think of Tom Hanks poking fun at child beauty pageants and TLC’s show? Did the clip make you laugh? Start commenting everyone…



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