To grow old gracefully – or fight it every step of the way – that’s the question for which there are a number of Botox filled hypodermic needles, waiting to answer.

But they’ll stay in their holster when actress Jane Seymour is in the room. Seymour, who recently turned 60, looks amazing ! But the most amazing part is that Jane claims her face is the one she was born with – no nips, no tucks not even any needles.  Seymour says the fact that she has allowed herself to age has not slowed her career any; in fact she thinks she gets work BECAUSE she looks the way a mature woman should.

You know what Good Enough Mother says to that? Good for her. For me, I’ll go ahead and be stuck with my twice yearly, facelift in a vial. Yep, I’m a Botox girl…!

Now let me tell you Botox is no picnic, but neither are wrinkles so I suppose it’s something of a Faustian deal. Sometimes I wonder which is worse, the permanent smell of sulfur or walking through the street of Manhattan bleeding from your forehead like a stuck pig. I love it when people ask me if the injections hurt. Hell yeah they hurt but similar to your post birth sentiment, it’s hard to argue with the results. After labor you have a beautiful baby to shower with love and affection; after Botox, you have a beautifully smooth forehead. Sounds fair to me!

I can also spot a fellow ‘Toxer. I know the telltale signs and what to look for. She knows me too and we share a silent, frozen stare as we pass each other on the street. Will I give it up? Let me think about … NO! Well maybe at some point. Not right now. Do you think I’m vain for that? You might? Do I care? Not really!

But what side of the debate do you fall on? Here’s today’s GEM Debate…

Do you believe in Botox – or would you prefer to age gracefully?

Have you ever had the treatment – and what did you think? Or perhaps you’re considering it now… send over a comment and join the debate – maybe we can help you decide.

Sound off everyone… this is gonna be great!