Pointing finger


You may remember a couple of days ago when we posted about a mother who not only sold her boys’ toys on eBay but took an anguished picture of them to go along with the advert?

Well guess what – now we have another entry from the school of “humiliating your kids as punishment”

This case involves a Tampa mom who was so frustrated with her son’s poor grades that she made him wear a sign for nearly four hours, boasting of his anemic academic accomplishments. Apparently the final straw was when the boy refused to take seriously a meeting with school officials. (By the way, there’s no mention of whether the mom tried to hire a tutor for her struggling son).

Okay, I’ve said it before and I stand by my opinion. Punishment is one thing, public castigation and embarrassment is a whole different matter. In my mind this falls under the heading of emotional abuse and while the scars may not be readily seen, they are there nonetheless. Punish your kids with the intent of changing their behavior not poking holes in their budding self-esteem.

But I know how hard parenting can be at times and while I’d never punish Casey or Cole in this manner – I’ve certainly lost my cool at times.

So here’s today’s GEM Debate….


When it comes to punishing your kids – what works and what doesn’t?


What tricks have you learned over the years and what mistakes have you made?


I’d love to hear your thoughts – so start commenting everyone – the floor is yours!