It’s Grammy time again tonight – and who knows what the likes of Lady Gaga, Eminem and Katy Perry will have in store for us all?

Of course a couple of years ago the Grammy Awards made headlines for what went on behind the scenes – you of course remember the famous Rihanna / Chris Brown incident.

Flash forward 2 years and both Rihanna and Chris have seemingly put the incident behind them. Rihanna is bigger than ever and after a major backlash Brown is also selling records again (he currently has two songs in the Billboard Hot 100)

Some commentators have argued that it’s time to move on and forgive and forget – and even Rihanna herself has applied to downgrade Chris’s restraining order so the two can communicate again. But is it time to forgive? And has Brown really changed?

So here’s today’s GEM’s Debate…

Have you forgiven Chris Brown? Do you think he should be getting a second chance from the public? And if you haven’t forgiven him – what can he do to erase the memories of that night? Can an abuser EVER really change?

There’s a lot to discuss here – so start weighing in everyone… I can’t wait to hear your thoughts…