Billy Ray Cyrus is bearing his achy breaky heart and soul and it ain’t pretty.

As you may have heard, in an interview in this month’s GQ magazine, Cyrus claims his daughter Miley’s former hit series, Hannah Montana is responsible for destroying his family, and says he wishes they’d never done the show. Sounds like a classic case of buyers’ remorse. But didn’t Miley’s parents see what the rest of the world did?  Miley lately resembles Lindsay Lohan, another child star who veered out of control because her parents were on auto-pilot.  A photo of a remorseful looking Cyrus accompanies the article and it’s a sad sight. But here’s why all of this doesn’t quite add up for Good Enough Mother.

HIS BANK ACCOUNT: Yeah well it’s easy to point fingers and cast aspersions after the checks are cashed. Why wasn’t Billy saying these things at the peak of the show? Because he couldn’t see past the green.  Cyrus makes a point in the article of saying how he never made a dime off his daughter, but surely he was paid for his work on Hannah Montana. And let’s be honest the fact that his daughter was the star of the show obviously gave him the inside track to play her father. But now that the show is over, and Miley his daughter/cash cow, is struggling professionally, he has an attack of conscience.

DIVORCE TALK: Frankly this sounds like a lot of the drama that goes on when families split up, only there’s typically not millions of dollars at stake and big names involved.  Billy Ray talks about how handlers took over their lives, even to the point of telling him that Miley’s behavior was none of his business.  But when did Billy get pushed out? Shouldn’t he have recognized a subtle and gradual shift in the balance of power from him to them? At what point do you as a parent, put your foot down?

HE WAS A FRIEND, NOT A PARENT: Remember the fallout from the Vanity Fair cover, the one where Miley posed seductively wearing only a sheet, complete with bed head and very red lipstick?  It was reported that Cyrus and his now-estranged wife Tish left the photo shoot early but that Miley’s grandmother and teacher remained (as if either of them had any power in this situation). Okay, and uh, WHY? Did Miley’s parents not sign off on what the shoot would entail? Did photographers muss up her hair and spring the sheet on her as soon as the door was closed with Billy Ray and Tish on the other side? I doubt it. In the GQ piece, Billy Ray admits he said many times in interviews that it was important for he and Miley to be friends. Now, after a public pole dance, a beer incident in Spain and Miley caught smoking something out of a bong, he wishes he’d handled things differently.  Who knew this video would be so prophetic?


So driving back with Casey in the car, we were talking about this story and I asked her if she thought of me as her friend. She told me she thinks I’m friendly but not her friend. “You’re my mom!” she said, and it was clear to her and me, that when I have to, I can put the hammer down. Granted my kid will probably never be stalked by the paparazzi or have a hit TV show so I’ll never know the pressure the Cyrus family was under.  Billy Ray’s remorse in the piece is so palpable, my heart aches for him. But how much could have been avoided if he’d placed hi family before fame and fortune… I guess we’ll never know.

But what do you think? Is it possible for a parent to reign in a child in Hollywood? What could Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus have done differently? And is it ever possible to be friends with your children… start commenting everyone!