Hey everyone – it’s time for another GEM debate!

As I was rushing the kids out the door today I heard Nick Cannon discussing this story on the radio. It was about a Seattle mother who has made the decision to allow her son to wear whatever makes him happy. It just so happens the things that make him smile are dresses.

This story is a reminiscent of the little boy who dressed as Daphne, the curvy character from Scooby Doo, for Halloween. But in this case it’s not just once a year. Cheryl Kilodavis lets her son, Dyson, wear dresses whenever he wants – and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Here what she has to say on yesterday’s edition of the Today Show.

Now I have very strong feelings about this and when the debate ensues, I will weigh in. But I’m curious, would you allow your young son to wear dresses on a daily basis – not just as a costume for Halloween? Ready? Set? Sound off!