Good Enough Mother is feeling pretty great right now because Buff and I have passed what I think is a big milestone in our life together – our 17th wedding anniversary.

But while I’m proud of how far we’ve come, it has not been without some trying times! So this article in The Huffington Post today caught my eye. The author asks if you could WOULD you ever cyber snoop on your partner.

It’s a big issue with many legal ramifications (as you may know a man in Michigan is facing jail time for checking his ex-wife’s emails!) Not to mention the moral implications and issues of trust.

So with these thoughts in mind – here’s today’s GEM debate…

Would YOU ever cyber-snoop on your partner? That could be checking their blackberry, their emails or their internet search history. Or the more loaded question, HAVE YOU ALREADY?

Okay that’s it, we don’t judge here so you can be honest. Have at it!