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Hey GEMs – are you having a good year so far?

I know it’s early but trust me when I say, it’s gonna be GREAT!

To make 2011 extra special we’re going to be adding a range of new and exciting features here at in the  coming weeks and months.

First up – here’s a new strand we’re launching called The GEM Debate. Sometimes people think just because you’re a mom you don’t have an opinion on what’s going on in the world – but we all know nothing could be further from the truth. So this is you chance to have your say on a burning topic or issues ripped straight from the headlines – or our daily lives!  We want your honest, unvarnished opinions, even if they’re politically incorrect! No holds barred; you know we aren’t big into holding our tongues around here.

So here’s our first debate:

Enrique Iglesias, with his totally hot self, has another top 10 hit on his hands. Until today, I had only heard the sanitized version on the radio. The song I bee-bop along to in the car is called Tonight I’m Lovin’ You. And then I went to YouTube. The actual name of the song is Tonight I’m F**kin You. Well, alrighty then. Here’s the video and it is NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK or to watch with children in the vicinity! You have been warned; now hit play.


Now I have my own take on this but I’m dying to hear what you think. I get that he’s pushing the envelope and trying to get people to talk but is this a bit much?  Should a pop star like Enrique be using language like this? And would you let your kids watch this video?

Go for it everyone – the debate starts here!


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