As you may recall this time last week Team GEM was wrapping up a couple of relaxing days on board The Disney Dream with a quick stop in The Bahamas.

It was just a quick trip but nothing like the last decade and a half has been! Wasn’t it just a minute ago that Buff and I were getting married and adding babies to the mix?

It all hit me, hard, as I was walking through Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park last week. I recall a time, not that long ago, when we used to rent strollers for the kids because their legs were too little to walk that whole park or stand all day. We also planned our visit to the park around their naptime (which turned out to be ours as well!)

Well, I looked down and lo and behold, one of those stroller babies has now outgrown me and the other one is well on the way. How did that happen and have you seen it in your own life? Sit back and take a listen as Good Enough Mother ponders how time flies in today’s Weekly Rewind.