Oh am I screaming too loudly? You know you party animals stayed up until the stroke of midnight and then, after the kids went to bed, the REAL party started! Uh, yeah. If you’re like me, you fell asleep at 9:45pm, only to have a partner bring you a glass of champagne in bed. From there you struggled to keep your eyes focused on the brightly colored ball as it counted down the end of the 2010.

So here we are, 2011. Where did 2010 go? I want to fill you in on a little secret (and just an aside here, I fill you in on so many secrets, if you ever have something you DON’T want the world to know, DON’T tell me!). 2010 was supposed to be “my year”. That was what horoscope after horoscope said. They talked about how, after a very tumultuous couple of years (that part was true) things were going to turn around. And so I waited. And I waited. And I waited. Then I realized that things were going to turn around only if I got behind the steering wheel, which is what I did.

So here I am, with my butt planted firmly in the driver’s seat as we go headlong into 2011. I feel good, REALLY good about where I am at this stage in my life, my career and the mission of Good Enough Mother. And I could not have done it without all of you. So take a listen to my dulcet tones as I thank you profusely and talk about where we want to go in 2011.

Love you all and here we go!!

Rene x