Good Enough Mother used to love looking back at pictures of my father serving in the Air Force. He looked so young, fit and smart in his snappy uniform, while stationed in the Philippines. My mom served too, she was active duty in the Air Force before meeting and marrying my dad. Year later (in her 40’s!) she went back to active duty as a reserve recruiter. So you see, the military is in my blood.

With that in mind I could not let the day go by without saying thanks to my late dad, my mom and all the veterans who put country above self – and signed up to serve. I know nowadays, with wars being fought on two fronts and all the chatter about whether we should even be fighting in the first place, it’s easy to overlook the fact that these men and women suit up everyday so that we can even have this debate in the first place.

As you may recall a week ago I had the chance to attend the Stand Up for Heroes TV special, held here in New York. The event recognizes the deep, deep needs of soldiers and sailors who come back from war with injuries, both physical and psychological.

It was an incredibly moving night but when they showed this particular video, well, that’s where I lost it. These people are answering a calling that many of us can only imagine. They and their families know the toll it takes, the risks involved and the extraordinarily high price of freedom.  God bless them for that.


So today, and everyday, take the time to say, thanks. We must never take the freedoms we enjoy for granted.