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It’s time once again for one of Good Enough Mother’s favorite postings – my weekly Ten from GEM!

I love doing these pieces because it’s a chance for me to share more of myself with you but also because I love hearing from all of you out there – and reading your lists! So, this week we’re looking at Holiday Destinations – cause there’s nothing GEM likes more than getting away from it all…

I’ve divided my list into three categories: vacations with family, vacations with spouse/partner and vacations alone. So without further adieu, here’s my Ten from GEM: Holiday Destinations!


CRUISES: If you think cruising is for old people, you must be basing your opinion on what you hear or have seen in the movies. Contrary to that, it is the BEST!  I think it’s one of the most effortless ways to travel plus you get a lot of bang for your buck. I love the idea that you unpack only once and every morning wake up in a different place. I’ve done Royal Caribbean three times, twice with Casey and Cole and everyone was happy and had a great time. Next up, The Disney Dream – yes I’ve been invited on a new Disney cruise in January – Good Enough Mother will be sure to give you the 4-1-1 on that one!

DISNEY WORLD: While you may think of the iconic Magic Kingdom, Disney World is actually a collection of theme parks and our favorite spot is actually Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. Yep, we’re there every year. Scan the Lazy River for us next June! The only downside, it’s NOT cheap. A one day pass to the water park for an adult will run you about 50 bucks and for kids under 9, 43 dollars. Better option, if you’re going to go for vacation, buy a Park Hopper pass then make the most of it.


SOUTH CAROLINA: I love all of South Carolina, our official home away from home, but have a special place reserved for the Charleston area.  So much great food (love, love, LOVE the mouth-watering cuisine at the Charleston Grill), activities like the Charleston Straw Market, River Street Sweets, the best candy store in town and the rich history of the town – all of which makes Charleston a great place for the entire family. Did I mention the place has GREAT food?

JAMAICA: I’ve been to Jamaica twice, once in a former, skinnier, single life and once with my family and I had a blast both times! When I was 23 and newly dumped by a boyfriend who clearly could not see that I would become the well respected, bombshell I am now (you can stop laughing), I went to Montego Bay to nurse my broken heart. There’s something about rum in endless supplies that made me wonder, “John who?” That was also the first trip I took as an adult on my own and it made me realize how important it is to get away for some solo time.


WINE COUNTRY: I love my husband and I love my wine so what better place to go together than wine country. I also love Alfred Hitchcock’s The Bird’s so we stayed at a little place in Bodega Bay, near where they filmed that movie. Buff introduced me to a little restaurant called River’s End where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. Fabulous food, casual atmosphere and you could not paint the sunset with all the colors in your palette.

THE BAHAMAS: Buff and I have not been back in years but this is where, almost 17 years ago, we said, “I do”. For that reason it’s special to me. We went back years later with the kids and it made me wonder why I said “I do” to more than one kid!

HAWAII: Shortly after my father died and my sister and I were just out of high school, my mother took us to Hawaii, more specifically Oahu. And while we had a great time one of the things I remember was that it was a lot like every other major city I had been too; noisy, crowded, retail upon retail outlet. But a few years ago I went to Maui to give a speech (oh to be so lucky again) and I fell in love. There were fewer people and a more laid back feel so I definitely want to go back. Yeah I’ll take the family too.

PARIS: When Buff and I, like so many others got sucked into buying a timeshare in Orlando, one of the things they gifted us with was tickets on British Airways. We used the tickets go to Paris. We had a BLAST, minus, of course the near divorce after getting lost on our way to the American Cemetery in Normandy and Buff’s insistence that he spoke French, despite not having uttered a word of it since graduating from high school.


Okay, good enough mothers please hear me out. It is IMPERATIVE that you take at least one trip, at least once in your life, ALONE! Yes you can bring a cell phone but don’t be on it checking to see that the sitter is there and things are running as they should on the home front. I am here to tell you, they will work it out, even if you are not there. But you need to go somewhere, ANYWHERE, where you can get in touch with you; remember who you were, who you are now, recharge your batteries, go to a museum, shop where YOU want to shop, have a drink in a bar, make conversation with a good looking stranger and learn to be comfortable eating a meal by yourself. You are not just an extension of your family – you are a person and you have got to nourish that side of you.  So plan your trip, make sure the hotel has high thread count sheets and that your red sports car has a sunroof. Hit the gas, and for at least 48 hours, do what YOU want to do.

Okay, those are mine, now it’s your turn. What are your Ten Favorite Holiday Destinations? Don’t just list them; tell me WHY you like them too. I can’t wait to read them so I can start planning my future trips…

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