Hey everyone!

Hope you’re gearing up for the weekend and planning a bit of a break for yourself!

As moms we do so much for everyone else and always put ourselves at the bottom of the list. But you know what? It IS okay to pawn those kids off on your partner, husband or friends and take some time for yourself. Unfortunately that won’t be me this weekend. See while my hubby is away (YAY! Wait did I say that out loud?) my Casey and Cole are basically going to cover every square mile of Westchester County with their bustling social calendars. Seriously, Paris Hilton has a less hectic social life than my two!

Anyway, today I had a chance to reconnect with someone who I thought had disappeared from my life forever… but he came back for a hot minute and it was good, really good, to see him. Take a listen to this week’s Weekly Rewind and see if you can recognize him in your own life….

Take care of yourselves all you GEM’s


Rene x