Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all good… Good Enough Mother here with another new strand for our fabulous little site!

I get asked a lot of questions about parenting, marriage and life in general via the site, in person and while on air – and as you know I have an opinion on most things!

Some of these more detailed questions I address via our very popular Ask Rene feature here on GEM – but some questions require shorter answers… and so we’re unveiling our new feature – our Quick Questions podcasts…

Our topic this time around – Keeping Kids Entertained… a topic I know a LOT about! Trust me – Casey and Cole keep me very busy on that front… hope you enjoy what I have to say – and if you have anything on your mind you’d like me (and all the GEM’s out there) to weigh in on just shoot us a line at admin@goodenoughmother.com – marking your email Quick Questions…


Rene x