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Maybe Good Enough Mother is getting old. Maybe the bargains weren’t that great. Maybe, in a sign that I have all the things I need, there just wasn’t anything out there good enough to make me want to stand in tons of lines in near-freezing temperatures at o’ dark thirty. Bottom line, I did Black Friday today – and it was a bust for me.

Before I detail the morning’s anti-climactic event, I will tell you that I did this same thing last year. Why you ask? I’m not sure exactly. I think it’s mainly for the sport of it and for Black Friday bragging rights, which, along with $1.50, will get me a cup of coffee.

Except last year when I pulled into the parking lot at Kohl’s at 4 am, there were about 6 cars, including my own in the parking lot.  It was eerily quiet inside all 6 of us shuffled around, outnumbered by the army of sales people on hand.

This year, well this year it was shopping on steroids. First of all when I pulled up I had to park WAAAAY in the back. Why? Because Kohl’s opened an hour earlier (yes 3 am and yes I was stupid enough to be there at 3:11 am). The mood inside could not have been more diametrically opposed this year to last. There were people, people and more people many dressed in their jammies and Uggs!  I got my hands on the last available cart and got started in what looked like some sort of bizarre slumber party game.

My mission was pretty simple; though I was not shopping for Christmas gifts, there were a few things the kids and the hubby needed. Buff needed, (and since he’s the cook by extension so did we) a new cutting board since food-borne illness is not something on my holiday wish list. I made my way past the ladies lingerie to the kitchen appliance section. It was devoid of people and all but three cutting boards, two extra large and one the size of a coaster. Being a family of four, I chose the larger one naturally and shoved it deep down in my cart.

From there, I was sort of lost. The kids each asked for some screen T-shirts, I needed some nice shirts for my job with Woman’s Day but that was really about it. I scouted out and scooped up what I needed and headed to the register to see if my night owl antics paid off.

When all was said and done, my purchases totaled just under 300 bucks but Kohl’s rewarded my sleep-deprived self with 15 percent off, bringing total to about 230. But wait, there’s more. For all my trouble I got 40 dollars in Kohl’s cash to be used at a later date. If you don’t know what Kohl’s cash is well, you really haven’t lived yet have you?

I schlepped by ginormous cutting board and bag full of clothes through the sleet and to my truck and climbed in. I was desperate for coffee but more desperate to go back to sleep and pretty sure the cup o’ Joe loaded with skim milk and sugar would not help. Besides, what in the hell was open at 3:45 am? Besides Kohl’s? And Target which was opening its doors at 4AM? I heard some ladies in the checkout say there were already 150 people waiting in, in the sleet and cold.  I decided that was too much intensity for me; I’ll go ahead and pay full price.

So in the end I saved 70 bucks, earned 40 in Kohl’s cash (look it up) got a few things we could use but weren’t too desperate for. Was it worth it? Meh.. Will I do it again next year? Are you kidding? OF COURSE I will!

What about you, did you do any Black Friday shopping? Share your tales from the aisles!


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