Hi everyone!

Thanks for all your great comments and feedback over the last few months – I just love hearing what you’re thinking about the site and it’s a real pleasure for me to know that so many of you are embracing Good Enough Mother.

Good Enough Mother is all about telling our own stories and joining together as a community – that’s why our comments boards are so important. I love hearing what you have to think and sharing advice and lessons. I don’t want this site to just be all about me and my life! The site is also MY escape from my life…!

For that reason we love to feature Guest Postings on the site – where you guys get the chance to really say what’s on your mind. We’ve had some great pieces over the last few months, and recently appointed one of our Guest Posters – Nikki Newman – our first regular columnist… can’t wait to see her next piece in a few days time…

But we’re always on the lookout for MORE stories and MORE voices for the site – so if you fancy sitting down and putting together a piece for us please do drop us a line. Just click on the Guest Posting button on the left hand side of this page, take a look at the guidelines and get going…

Can’t wait to hear from you all.


Rene x