Hi everyone – hope you’re all good and having a great week!

I’m out in Oklahoma today, speaking to an audience for the Think Pink annual event and spreading the word about cancer awareness… I’ll have a full report on my adventures soon.

In the meantime it’s poll time once again!

Thanks to everyone who voted in our last poll. Remember we asked you to predict who you thought was going to stink up the joint most on this season of Dancing With The Stars… well as we now know it was David Hasselhoff (closely followed by Michael Bolton) who fared worst…. but you guys all voted for Bristol Palin (45.08%). Still I don’t think you were far wrong – and ‘teen activist’ Bristol and her wooden dancing (and interview answers) will doubtless be exiting the competition soon…

So now it’s time to unveil our next poll and this time we’re getting serious…

Remember the recent story of James Jones, the Florida dad who boarded a school bus to confront the kids who had been bullying his daughter. In my first posting I thought James was way out of line, but following a tearful interview on the Today show and a rash of tragic teen suicides I’ve changed my mind… but what do you think?

Did James Jones do the right thing… or did his actions cross the line? Imagine if it was your child – would you do the same?

Take a look at our poll on the left, select your answer, and feel free to comment. We’ll give you the results shortly…


Rene x