Good Enough Mother is doing the DAMN THING!

I only say that because that’s how the cool kids speak and for once, I got to be one!

You see yesterday I got the chance to share the stage with the wonderfully talented actress and comedienne Mo’Nique!

As you doubtless know Mo’Nique hosts her own nighttime variety show on BET that tapes in Atlanta – so on Monday night I high-tailed it out of New York and headed for the Jewel of the South. I’ve been a guest on many shows but I have to give props to the Mo’nique folks who treated us (myself and my Good Enough Mother colleague, Roger) like royalty the entire time.

I also have to really give props to Mo’Nique and her staff for dedicating an entire show to breast cancer awareness. You may not be aware of the disturbing fact that breast cancer is more deadly among women of color. Be it late diagnosis or lack of access to quality healthcare, Black and Latino women die in disproportionately high amounts compared to white women.

During the show, Mo’nique, on many occasions, looked right into the camera lens and into the homes of women who may have been afraid to have a mammogram or to find out they have cancer and urged them to make that appointment.

I talked about my preventive mastectomy and how to perform  breast self exam (yep, that’s right, we were all feelin’ ourselves last night!) and squeezed in a few laughs with my fellow guests, actress Gabrielle Union and singer Kelly Price, who sang to the audience, comprised of supporters and about three dozen breast cancer survivors. I tried, unsuccessfully, not to cry on TV.

Anyway, here are a few photos. I will let you all know when the show airs – and thanks again to Mo’Nique and her wonderful team…


Rene x