Good Enough Mother cannot believe how fast the summer went by and now, here we are on the brink of another school year. Phew – we made it through!

Honestly though, the kids and I had a great time this summer…

A week in Orlando a road trip to South Carolina all culminating in a week of music camp for Casey and Cole (and peace and quiet for me!).

I love that the kids had a chance to be away from home AND away from us because I think it gives them a chance to develop a relationship with each other that does not involve mom and dad.  They now have experiences and speak shorthand that only they are privy to.

Last summer, Cole talked about the pranks they played, like sneaking into the camp office and playing the Meow Mix commercial off the iPhone over the PA system. This year, oh I can’t even go there…

Their week of swimming, rock climbing, kayaking and intensive music training ended with a performance better than any concert I paid to see. I don’t sing, read music or play music but I CAN scream and I did, like a 40-something groupie at a New Kids On The Block reunion!

Now though the guitars are back in their cases and it’s time to break out the backpacks for what is sure to be another year of learning, for them and me!

So how did you guys spend your summer… are you glad the kids are back to school – or would you love a few more warm weather weeks…?