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Good Enough Mother’s Oprah Experience…

Have you ever wondered how bigger gets better?

Well ask Oprah, her producers and 300 audience members who are all going to the land down under! In her 25th and final season, the undisputed Queen of Daytime surprised her audience, made up of her “ultimate viewers”, by making this announcement:


How can you not smile or chuckle when women are already crying with their hands over their mouths, before Oprah can even say where everyone is going? The audience were primed for something big, I mean, who could forget this is the woman who gave everyone in her studio audience a car a few seasons back? And boy did she deliver…

Good Enough Mother had a chance to share the famed leather sofa (I sat where Tom Cruise jumped, I’m pretty sure) when I went on to talk about my preventive mastectomy back in 2007. Oprah’s cameras had followed me around my home, to the hospital and right on into the operating room and we shared it all with her viewers. It was an amazing experience.

Now here’s a little TV 101. When I worked as a journalist we used to get all the information on the guests we were interviewing the night before. I would stay up very late studying it so that I could ask appropriate questions the following day. Oprah’s producers had done the same thing with me, what they call a pre-interview, so they could turn the facts over to her for the interview.

But when I sat down next to Oprah, she looked at me and listened to my story with the wide-eyed wonder of a kid on Christmas. She asked me things that I had already gone over with producers and it took me a minute before I realized that is precisely what makes her so good. She knew my story but not every single detail. So when we talked, it was a conversation with an easy flow and feel about it; she was able to ask the questions everyone at home had because she was genuinely interested and no one had spilled the beans on how it all turned out.

When I told her about my surgery and that I had been reconstructed with new implants that were an experimental, gummy-like technology, she asked the question everyone at home was thinking “What do they feel like?” and yes, that is when, in front of her nine million daily viewers, Oprah felt me up and pronounced “VERY NICE…”

Good Enough Mother has a prediction: Like today’s trip announcement, there will be many more of these heart-stopping moments in Oprah’s final year. But the truth is, after this season, though there may be other shows with charismatic hosts who dole out cars or trips, and maybe even feel a guest’s implants, there will never be another Oprah.

What about you, will you miss Oprah? Do you have a favorite episode and if so, what was it? And how would you like the Oprah show to end…?


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