Good Enough Mother bears greetings from sunny and H-O-T Southern California. Phew – it’s a scorcher out here!

So I’m here in LA taping a top secret TV project that I hope to be able to tell you about very soon. Thankfully we’ve been whisked from our hotel to the studio lot in air-conditioned cars – and then get to stay inside, in the cool, all day long. After a long taping day yesterday, I thought about walking back to the hotel – but then realized my black tights and black boots go great for fall in New York, but aren’t so much fun during a Southern California Indian summer!

Anyway it’s great to be working on a studio lot again – but one thing you quickly learn in TV is that you’re never ‘off’ camera while you’re on a set.

That last point was beautifully illustrated in this clip doing the rounds today and featuring a news anchor friend of mine in Chicago. It’s hard to pay attention to what Dorothy Tucker is saying what with all the action going on in the background.

Check it out.

EMBED-Woman Picks Nose During News Broadcast – Watch more free videos

Poor girl, hope she found what she was looking for – or at the very least enjoys her newfound notoriety.

And speaking of on camera screw-ups – remember this classic moment from a year ago, featuring the lovely Sue Simmons on WNBC.



Oh you have to laugh… until it happens to you of course!

Anyway, gotta run. Good Enough Mother has to straighten out her kids’ school lunch accounts before heading to day two of the Top Secret project.

Will check in with you all soon!


Rene x