Hey everybody – what a great day to be alive!

Okay, you may be asking – who slipped the happy pills into Good Enough Mother‘s coffee this morning? But honestly, the reason I’m feeling so good and inspired is because I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately and the books I’ve chosen are really speaking to me and to the place I’m at in my life.

One of my new favorites is called The Dip by Seth Godin. It’s a short but powerful book about knowing when to stay the course (and also when it’s time to quit). Oh I can SO identify with that…

It’s also been just the motivation I need to put my head down and work harder.

So do you feel like you need a little something extra today? Well, sit back and take a listen as I talk about The Dip and one other book that has had had an impact on my life in today’s Monday Message!


Rene x