Good Enough Mother’s Guilty Pleasure Is Back!

Now THAT is the way to wrap up a Monday night!

Little confession here, Good Enough Mother’s ultimate guilty pleasure is ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Of course you knew that from the recent list I made, predicting who would rise and who would fall on this season of the show.

I actually didn’t even start watching the show until last season when the jaw droppingly awful Kate Gosselin was stinkin’ up the joint. After she was voted off though, I kept watching and really loved it!

So here we go, it’s the 11th season of the show and it looks to be shaping up to be a battle of the extremes, those who are good and will only get better and those who are so bad there really is little hope…

GOOD (and by that I mean not so bad that you want to poke your own eyes out with rusty nails):

*Jennifer Grey: Well, heck I called that! I knew she would be good, didn’t you see Dirty Dancing? Smooth, comfortable in her skin, beautiful dress, great partner.


*Florence Henderson: Wow, wow, wow! 76 years old, slim, trim and she could shimmy with the best of them. Short dress that showed off remarkably trim and toned legs. Go, Mrs. Brady, Go!

*Brandy: A bit too concerned with doing everything “right”, like she was going over the routine in her head as she was performing but will be fine once she loosens up.  Moves well, body aware and a natural performer. Plus she had that beautiful piece of man candy, Max for a partner.


*Kurt Warner: Though the retired quarterback’s skills from the field transferred nicely to the dance floor he seemed a bit stiff, but this was, of course the first night out. Graceful and charming (did you see him kiss his wife, the mother of his seven children at the end of the dance?) I predict he will become a fan favorite before long.

*Rick Fox: WOW, WOW, WOW! First of all, I really don’t care if he just stands there and lets his partner dance around him, the man is BEAUTIFUL! Then the music started and guess what? He’s got moves. The height difference between he and Cheryl didn’t seem to hamper them at all.

Kyle Massey: CORY IN THE HOUSE! Honestly this was the biggest surprise of the night for me. The rapper (who knew? I didn’t) and Disney Star (that I knew) did a great job right out of the gate. Fashion tip, he could stand to go up a size in his shirts; won’t matter after he loses the 10 pounds nearly everyone does when they compete on this show.

BAD (but you cannot avert your eyes)

*Audrina Patridge: Okay she wasn’t horrible really, but she wasn’t that good either. She reminds me of nearly every reality TV star we see nowadays; pretty to look at but there’s nothing beyond that. I have never seen a frame of the show for which she is famous (The Hills) but her performance (and her) reminded me of eating an entire meal of cotton candy. Nice and fluffy but lighter than air and definitely not filling.

*Bristol Palin (aka “teen activist”, whatever that is): Well I think we found this season’s Kate Gosselin. She wore a break away suit that when ripped away revealed a teeny, tiny red dress. But she didn’t know how to work it and looked terribly uncomfortable showing as much skin as she did. My prediction: she’s out by week three.


*Margaret Cho: Okay I wanted to like her routine because I like her act. But from the overly done up dragon lady make-up to those crazy wing things that were attached to her dress, I couldn’t figure out what was happening. At the end of the routine, her partner intentionally dropped her but it didn’t look like it was planned. It just confused the judges and us.

*Michael Bolton:  I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Michael Bolton, decent singer, really, REALLY average on the dance floor. He moved like he was in pain and not particularly enjoying his time out there. It was as uncomfortable for us to watch, as it was on his knees, no doubt. Gone by next week.


*Mike, “The Situation”: Oh sweet mercy. There were early indications that this situation was going to require a Hazmat crew for clean up when it was done and sure enough, he left stink all over the dance floor. First of all, I predicted he would not be able to get out of his “Jersey Shore” persona and when he showed up in a tight mesh shirt and what looked like a pair of Angel Flights (remember those?) he proved me right. Then he was sloppy, out of control and honestly I’m not sure how much rhythm he has. In his defense, he only wrapped up shooting The Jersey Shore last week so he had only five days to practice. Personally, I don’t think he will improve much.

*The Hoff!: David Hasselhoff was the final dancer, the biggest name and the most anticipated performance. I will add he was also the absolute WORST! Dreadful!  Take a look:


Oh, dear, I’m not even sure where to start. The goofy outfit, the fact that he couldn’t move and the perma-smile, judge Carrie Ann Inaba even said he danced more with his mouth than his body. OUCH! You gotta love Len, who added, “It’s never to early to panic.” But I give the Hoff a lot of credit; he stood there grinning, trying to catch his breath and took their criticism like a true performer. We’ll see what next week brings.

Okay, do you agree with my assessments or am I way off?  Someone’s gotta go tonight, who do you think it will be?