There was not a whole lot for Good Enough Mother and her friends to do, growing up in Sacramento, CA. But as soon as we got our drivers’ licenses one of the rites of passage was cruising Sunrise Mall.

Sunrise Mall was an indoor shopping center that had a decent size parking lot that, as I recall, was basically a huge oval. Well the kids would get in their parents’ cars and just cruise around. Driving around and around for hours on end. Slowing down and smiling at cute boys was the highlight for us, along with actually being behind the wheel.

I immediately remembered my cruising days when I heard about a mall in Cincinnati that is going to now require kids under 18 be accompanied by someone over 21 on Friday and Saturday’s from 4pm until closing.


Now I can see both sides of this issue very clearly.  The mall general manager says it is to ensure a comfortable experience for shoppers and when the teens congregate they get loud and somewhat intimidating. I can see that. But I also feel a bit for the kids. Isn’t the mall one of the few, safe places they can hang out and is it fair to penalize all teens for what is probably the bad behavior of a few?

What do you think of this idea? Have you ever been harassed by teens or felt uncomfortable while they were there or does it matter to you?