A friend of Good Enough Mother’s sent me a link to this clip and I have to tell you – it’s pretty tough to watch.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know about Jon and Kate Gosselin. They allowed cameras to follow their unusual family of twins and sextuplets as they went about their everyday lives.

No one knows whether it was the white hot spotlight, Kate’s constant and relentless berating or Jon’s cheating (which came first is a bone of contention in many circles) but ultimately their marriage cracked like a cheap safe leaving collateral damage in the form of 8 little lives.

Now the family struggles to find its new normal. That means visitation and the inevitable “handoff”. The paparazzi cameras were rolling on Jon as he returned the kids to the home they share with their mother. Hearing them cry and plead for their dad not to leave them is truly hard to hear….


Good Enough Mother is not divorced but I’d love to hear from those who are. Is there a way to make these ‘situations’ easier? What are the ‘rules’ you’ve established with your ex spouse? And are these crying fits common – or just part of the  dysfunction that accompanies all things Gosselin?