Good Enough Mother was so looking forward to this week.  With Casey and Cole in camp I was going to clean my closet, get caught up on some paperwork (read: send out thank-yous from Cole’s party. Yes I am aware it was in June!) and catch up with Buff, whose birthday is today!

So, yesterday the plan was for him to play golf (alone) then come back here and we would head out for one of those dinners you can only have a) before kids, b) when kids are grown and off to college or c) when the kids are away at camp. You know those long, relaxing meals where you savor the food as much as the conversation. You talk about the big stuff; goals and whether your life is turning out the way you thought it would. You spare no expense on wine and you find yourself laughing like a silly schoolgirl as you remember the joy of uninterrupted, mommy-daddy time. That was the plan.

The reality was more like this. The sore throat I had a few days back blossomed into a full-blown cold, complete with low-grade fever and sloppy sneezing. Buff, after his day on the golf course, came home with a screaming backache and neither one of us had the strength for witty conversation. So even though it was to be his birthday celebration dinner and there were no kids at home, we ended up choking down a couple of Lean Cuisines and were both in the bed by 9. Sigh.

Everyone’s better today so there’s a good chance last night’s big plans can still work tonight. In the meantime, I wanted to share this funny video someone sent me. It’s hilariously on point and I am proud to say, my husband, partner and father of my two wonder kids, is one of these guys! Happy Birthday, honey!