You know there was a time, and it didn’t seem like that long ago, when Good Enough Mother would just now (10am) be waking up from a night on the town, wondering who snuck in her house and put little socks on all her teeth (well, it FELT like that anyway). The raucous evening would be followed by a leisurely brunch of eggs benedict and endless mimosas on a restaurant patio somewhere in these United States. Oh, did I mention, I would still be a size 6, even with the Hollandaise sauce?

My how times have changed. Now, I go from zero to 55 as soon as my feet hit the floor. My “relaxing” Sunday brunch, if you want to call it that, is dry wheat toast, two veggies sausage links, egg whites and coffee, and the OJ is just straight from the carton. That, my friends, is a crime.

It’s all okay though because I will be greeted by my loving children, who will come in to my room, peck me on the check, proclaim me to the be the best mother they could ever have and will do everything I ask, the first time around. We will then spend the day on a family outing, hunting for school and camp gear, followed by lunch, filled with laughter and good times.

Whoa, whose family is THAT? Definitely not mine.!

Anyway – I’m heading out with the gang today, so while I’m out battling crowds, kids and hubby, let me leave you with this video, sure to put a smile on your face.

It’s not new but it sure is adorable and reminds us of a time when our kids were easily amused and thought we really were the greatest. And it’s cute, cute, cute!


Now, aren’t you smiling?