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You and I both know it is the time of the year we dread most, back to school shopping. Well maybe you don’t but I sure do.

Why, you ask? Because of the interminable list of school supplies, times 2!

Last year for each of the kids’ classes I had to buy binders (different colors), composition notebooks (a ton of them), number 2 pencils (lots), markers (lots of them, too), book covers (for the composition notebooks), glue sticks, scissors, lined paper and of course, the ubiquitous Post-it notes.

So I am dreading it again this year, seeing as last year ran me about $345 at Staples (I wish I was kidding).

You’re lucky though; Good Enough Mother is looking out for you. I found this offer and all you have to do is fill out the form and they’ll send you some Post-It notes! Free of charge!

I know it won’t make a huge dent in your back to school shopping budget but if you’re lucky and you get enough of them, you can create art – like this Post It Note artwork I saw at Grand Central Terminal the other day. All you need is a ton of Post-It notes and no real life.

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  1. Amanda

    August 9, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    You know, the lists wouldn’t be so bad if the teachers weren’t so darn picky. Specific notebooks, certain types of markers. I honestly wonder if they go to the store, find the most expensive things and then write those down to demand. My son is going to be in Early Childhood (pre school) this year and his teacher doesn’t just want crayons and markers, she specifically wants the pipsqueak crayola makers ($6.00 for an 8 pack) and skinny crayola 8 count of crayons (I can only find the 8 count in fat crayons)….And worst of all, that pack of 6 dollar markers is going to be opened and dumped into a bucket will all the other boxes of 6 dollar markers so all the kids can share. This mom said HELL NO! to all that, I picked up the cheaper 8 pack of skinny regular crayola markers and 16 ct pack of skinny crayons, and that teacher can DEAL with it. I’m not chasing markers all over town and back because some teacher just HAS to have pipsqueak markers.

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